Robert Dolmetsch

Race : Human
Age : 19
Hair : Brown, worn oiled and carefully styled
Height : 5’11
Rank : Guild Apprentice
Build : Trim
Features: Handsome, his clothes (when he is not working) are always well tended and fashionably cut. He wears as much jewlery in precious metals as he can get away with.


Middle Child. A relentless and obnoxious pursuer of sex and female attention he is vain and macho. He has a thing for other races claiming to have “dabbled” before in Dwarven, elven and even halfling relations. He is outspoken and disagrees with his Father’s decision to move his opperations out “to the middle of nowhere”. He doesn’t really have a specialty. He envies his elder brother who will one day inherit relegating him to a position of having to fend for himself.

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Robert Dolmetsch

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