Rachel Dolmetsch

Race : Human
Age : 60
Hair : Red brown, long and tightly braided.
Height : 5’
Rank : None
Build : Slim
Features: tiny woman her hair tied back in an effient braid. Deep laughlines crease her weathered face.
Mode of Dress : She wears tidy white linen aprons over a dresses cut in the Halidrassi style. Her jewlery is enamel on gold.


Tiny but fierce she brooks no nonsense from her children and can make her tall gangly sons cower before her when she is angry. She cares deeply for her family and runs the house with an efficent but iron hand. She bakes wonderful bread and enjoys nothing so much as a good book. She is a believer that marriage is held sacred and brooks no outside interfereance. She manages the family’s finances and scolds her husband sometimes for trying to offer someone too good a deal.

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Rachel Dolmetsch

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