Oswald Dolmetsch

Race : Human
Age : 14
Hair : Long, black pulled into a ponytail
Height : 5’7
Rank : Guild Apprentice
Build : Lean
Features: A little plain looking he is the least attractive of his brothers. His clothes are usually very worn hand-me-downs of whatever styles his brothers were wearing.


The youngest of the family. He is a gifted woodworker and carver. He is teaching himself how to make musical instruments whenever he can and is a decent musician. He is actually on par with most journeyman despite his youth but the guild in Kennan refused to give him his credential at such a young age. He is not bitter about this but his thirst for knowledge is hindered by the Oddwood’s seculsion from masters in the specialty he wants to study. Robert picks on him near constantly.

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Oswald Dolmetsch

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