Maria Mulleta

Race : Human
Age : 28
Hair : Brown and curly , worn long and braided
Height : 5’10
Rank : Common Labourer
Build : Lean and Muscled
Features: Tanned Skin, hazel eyes , Pretty
Manner of Dress : Jerkins, breeches and tunics with a preference for red and white. Silver jewelry set with garnets.


She seems close with her younger brother, often speaking for him. She seems well spoken enough though openly dislikes personal questions. Not much is known about her past even by her fellow loggers. It has been discovered that she and her brother have made a habit of intimidating the shopkeeper at the River Horse Trading post into giving them unauthorized discounts.


Esteban Muletta – Brother
The Cooper Twins – Friends
Brava Blacksheild – Friend
Hildegard StoneHall – Dislike

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Maria Mulleta

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