Malena Elke

Race : Halfling
Sex : Female
Age : 41 (26)
Hair : Reddish Chestnut Curly worn long
Height : 2’10
Rank : Husbandman
Build : Medium
Features: Quite pretty she is freckled and buxom with bright blue eyes and dimples.
Manner of Dress : Brightly colored dresses of practical fabric with plenty of crude embroidery. Gilt necklace with a religious medallion of Yallona


An enthusiastic gardener possessing a cheerful disposition she set up when the camp first started and ever since has been been prosperous. Sensible and kind but brooking no nonsense she is known to be fair and honest but sharp tongued.

Melina’s farm “Almond Blossom Farm” is the main source of fresh fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables in the town for the loggers and trappers. Last year was the first year she had a good crop of apples though she enjoys nothing more than a ripe strawberry and has been selling them ever since her first year. She trades mostly in goods from her gardens to obtain what she needs though she deals in coin enough to hire a farmhand which she did for the first time last year. She doesn’t grow wheat yet as there is no mill to grind it.


Gray Family – Family Friend
Kieran Claus – Farmhand
Renard Yogryff – Friend
Hildegard StoneHall – Friend
Christin Caleigh -Friend
Maldwyn Keenan – Vehement Dislike
Gilles Archer – Friend

Malena Elke

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