Heath and Jack Cooper

Race : Human
Age : 21
Hair : Dirty blond worn short
Height : 6’7
Rank : Common Labourer
Build : tall and broad shouldered
Features: Identical twins, clean shaven and with no scars or distinguishable differences between them
Mode of dress : Cheap, clumsily repaired garments , they share clothes between them


Difficult to distinguish who is who they purposefully muddy the waters by sharing clothes and maintaining identical haircuts. Rude toward figures of authority they find the lack of eligible human women the biggest drawback of the camp.

Recently a pair of dogs have been discovered leashed to the camp walls. The creatures where extrodinarilly viciopus and showed signs of having been abused. Iudas Dughlas HerbPincher Tymon Griddlebit identified the animals as belonging to the twins.


Jurriaan Marsh – Friend
Esteban Muletta & Maria Mulleta – Friends

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Heath and Jack Cooper

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