Fidela Caleigh

Race : Human
Age : 14
Hair : Chestnut long
Height : 5’4
Rank : None
Build : Slightly Chubby
Features: A pretty girl with a rounded face and darker skin she unfortunately suffers from acne
Mode of dress : Simple plain dresses with aprons and bracelets woven from brightly colored yarn.


After her mother’s death last winter Fidela has become a surrogate mother to her younger sister and by extension her sister’s best friend Dorothy Keenan who often if over to play. Handling the housework with no magic to speed the process has taken a bit of a toll on her. Before her mother’s death she had been rather outgoing but now she has come over rather withdrawn and morose. She loves books and has access top the best personal collection in the village. Currently she has a bit of a crush on Kieran Claus who sees her still as just a little girl.


Christin Caleigh – Father
Celest Caleigh – Sister

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Fidela Caleigh

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