Esteban Muletta

Race : Human
Age : 26
Hair : Dark Brown , worn medium length with a few small braids tipped in beads.
Height : 5’10
Rank : Common Labourer
Build : Muscled
Features: Tanned Skin, Deep scar on one hand, Moderately Handsome , Short beard
Manner of Dress : Jerkins, breeches and cheap linen tunics in earth tones clumsily repaired. Silver earring in left ear with tiny skull motif and bracers.


Terse, standoffish and known to be on occasion hostile. Not much is known about his past even by his fellow loggers. It has been discovered that he and his sister have made a habit of intimidating the shopkeeper at the River Horse Trading post into giving them unauthorized discounts.


Maria Muletta – Sister
The Cooper Twins – Friends

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Esteban Muletta

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