Christin Caleigh

Race : Human
Age : Mid 40’s
Hair : Salt and pepper , worn at medium length
Height : 5’11
Rank : None
Build : Wirey
Features: Average looking , darker complexion with a birthmark under his right eye that looks like a perpetual bruise. Acne Scars
Mode of dress : Shabby


Single Father of Fidela & Celest Caleigh. He is in mourning ever since his wife Tansy died in childbirth the previous winter and shortly after he lost his son Gareth to a fever. His daughters try to make the best of things and while the young one can be fretful the eldest is resourceful and is accustomed to filling in as a caretaker. Melena often looks in on the family and is a good friend to the two girls. Christin Serves as the local schoolmaster on Mondays and Tuesdays though he currently performs this task more out of a fondness for teaching than for actual profit. He is often paid for this service in vegetables, free tool repair and eggs. A self professed coward he tends to play it safe as a trapper never venturing too far into the forest. He worries what will happen to his family if he dies.

Dorothy Keenan and Celest are best friends and the two spend most of their time at the Caleigh residence.


Celest Caleigh – Youngest Daughter
Fidela Caleigh – Eldest Daughter
Gareth Caleigh – Son (deceased)
Tansy Caleigh – Wife (deceased)
Malena Elke – Friend
Hildegard StoneHall – Friend
Bryn Gray – Friend
Elanora Gray – Friend

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Christin Caleigh

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