Casper Dolmetsch

Race : Human
Age : 24
Hair : Black, worn short
Height : 5’10
Rank : Master Carpenter
Build : Heavily muscled
Features: A spruce young man, very handsome with craggy features
Mode of Dress : He is dresses in a simple jerkins and shirts with sturdy canvas trousers and leather boots


The Second eldest. He is very responsible and serves as his father’s right hand man. He is a guild Journeyman and particularly skilled at furniture making. His older sister (Also in the Guild) was given the shop in Eastwilde thus this shop , provided it is successful will one day belong to him. He is soft spoken and obedient to his father’s wishes above all but has an air of slight melancholy. He doesn’t get along well with his brother Robert.

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Casper Dolmetsch

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