Brava Blacksheild

Race : Dwarf
Age : Young Adult
Hair : Black as a Raven’s wing, Worn long and braided
Height : 4’4
Rank : None
Build : Shapely
Features: Comely and fair skinned with sharp features, unscarred, brown eyes, small mole near left eye
Mode of Dress : Plain and comfortable but formfitting

Description :

Calculating and some what racist she believes that dwarfs make the best smiths and stonecutters of any race and (despite the fact she is adept in neither) and believes that other races should just “give it up and leave it to the experts” . She is a bit of a gossip mongerer and tends to be quick to point out the faults of others. She doesn’t get along with Eleonora at all. Despite all that she is a hard worker with an excellent work ethic. She has self appointed herself the leader of the woodcutters but in reality she really doesn’t have much say in how things are done and only voices her own opinions when she “speaks on behalf of the camp”.earning her some rather frosty glares.


Renard Yogryff – ?
Elanora Gray – Vehement Dislike
Jurriaan Marsh – Drinking buddy

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Brava Blacksheild

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