Residents of Badgerholt

The Gray Family

Elanora Gray – Smith
Bryn Gray- Cook and man of all work
Oliver Gray – Oldest son and apprentice smith
Desmond Gray – Youngest son

The Caleigh Family

Christin Caleigh – Family man, widower, part time schoolteacher
Fidela Caleigh – Eldest daughter
Celest Caleigh -Youngest Daughter
Gareth Caleigh – Deceased (Son)
Tansy Caleigh – Deceased (Wife)

The Keenan Family

Maldwyn Keenan – Disagreeably Married man, woodcutter
Laura Keenan – His abused wife
Dorothy Keenan – Only Child


Armenius Dolmetsch – Clan Patriarch, GuildMaster Carpenter
Rachel Dolmetsch – His Wife
Casper Dolmetsch – Eldest son, Guild Journeyman
Joan Dolmetsch – His third eldest daughter, Guild journeyman
Robert Dolmetsch – Second eldest son, Guild Apprentice
Harold Dolmetsch – Third eldest son , Apprentice
Oswald Dolmetsch- Youngest son, Guild Apprentice


Gianpiero Sampson – Clerk at River Horse Trading Post
Iudas Dughlas HerbPincher Tymon Griddlebit – Camp Cook


Renard Yogryff – Drunkard , Pugilist
Brava Blacksheild – Self proclaimed leader of the Camp
Hildegard StoneHall – Dwarven Former Armswoman
Heath and Jack Cooper – Young Loggers


Jurriaan Marsh – Secretive Trapper
Gilles Eastwood – Local Terrain Expert, Loner
Esteban Muletta -Troublemaker
Maria Mulleta – Troublemaker


Malena Elke – Owner of Almond Blossom Farm
Kieran Claus – Farmhand at Almond Blossom Farm

Devon Haywood – Newly Arrived Farmer
May Haywood – Wickerworker, Devon’s Wife


Ingrid Summers – Watch recruit
Edward Chandler – Poor fortuneseeker
Jordak Malurk – Civic Projects Foreman
Larien Arfenial – Erida’s Deputy
Uther Renafr – Dwarven Fixer Mason
Tansy Nells – Quarrywoman

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Residents of Badgerholt

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