Larien Arfenial

Race : Elf
Age : Young Adult
Hair : Long silver blond hair braided and coiled
Height : 5’7
Rank : Paladin of Heironeous
Build : Lean and well muscled
Features: Beautiful in an inhuman elvish fashion she has delicate features that belie her strength. A deep scar runs from just below her eyebrow into her hairline.
Manner of Dress : She wears her well made armour like a second skin, polished to a parade ground sheen. Her clothes when she is unarmoured are simple but fit close to the body. She prefers waist length tunics and leggings.


A devout believer of Heironeous, Larien along with her fellow Paladins served alongside the king’s army during the Folkvangr wars as a form of internal affairs officer rather than in the field. Investigating and punishing those who would make ignoble gains or commit honorless war crimes in the King’s name she was given the knickname “The Steel Maiden” . During her career with the military she came to be known to to be of inflexible moral fiber and willing to persecute even those of noble birth without fear. After the end of the war she remained with her order to serve as a policing force for the conquored territories.

A longtime friend to Lt. Erida Dolendak she accepted a position as deputy sherrif in Badgerholt recently and has yet to make her mark.

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Larien Arfenial

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