Jordak Malurk

Race : Orc
Age : 32
Hair : Black, worn medium length
Height : 6’10
Rank : Civic Foreman
Build : Muscular
Features: Brown eyes, greenish skin with scars on his arms and face and a flat nose that appears as though it were once broken. He has a carefully trimmed beard of which is is vain
Mode of dress : Unadorned but sturdy practical garments and boots.

Description :

An unusual fellow, Malurk hails from Haledras where his family worked as common labourers. His potential and his own tenacity led him to learn whatever he could about carpentry, masonry and architecture. Racial prejudice, and Guild politics halted him from advancing in his own country prompting him to imigrate to Estersea where he advanced his understanding via personal study and hard work.

Malurk is fiercely loyal to Raspin, who first saw his potential as a Foreman. He has a very low opinion of guilds, preferring to recruit or promote due to an individual’s potential or skill rather than seniority. He has a very direct manner and rules his work sites with an iron fist. He will always stand up for those who work hard and are loyal to him but he doesn’t care for critics.

Jordak Malurk

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