An Odd Sort of Town

You have been hired by Baron Thomas Featherstone as a member of the Council of the new town of Badgerholt in a vast almost completely unsettled forest called the “Oddwood”. Many might question your sanity for taking this job as the legends of the Oddwood have been passed down generations of the residents of Estersea as a sort of cautionary tale. Nobody really knows why the Oddwood seems to have been the root of so many strange curses on those reckless enough to cross into it’s depths but whatever is was it seems to have cleared up. The newly enobled Baron has been granted titles, lands and funds to start a town deeper into the Oddwood than anyone has ever attempted to permenantly settle and he needs people he can trust to do the job right.

Now it is time to put your skills to the ultimate test. Building a town from scratch and protecting it’s inhabitants from the perils that could end the village before it even had a proper start. An unopened silver mine lies a secret beyond the reaches of the town and once the word is out the village will grow fast. It will take rough justice and a keen eye to keep miners in line and a decent bread basket amongst other things to feed their appetites. You’ll need ever minute you have to prepare and the foresight to plan ahead to make this work. If you’re successful then your efforts will leave a legacy you might otherwise have never had. You will have done what many have seen as impossible. Fail and you’ll only prove those who still believe in the power of the Oddwood that it is truly a fools errand to try and settle that cursed forest.

Town Council

Sheriff Lt. Erida Dolendak – Dwarf Ranger
Seneschal Master Sigurd Lothbrook – Half-elf Dragonfire Adept
Chirurgeon Master Allan Oldwick – Halfling Oracle
Exchequer Master Alistair Rhodes – Human Artificer
Chief Civic Architect Raspin Pallchik Calladbar Erf-Erf Hedbar Dinskor – Gnomish Factotem

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An Odd Sort of Town

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