Uther Renafr

Race : Dwarf
Age : Middle aged
Hair : short red hair
Height : 4’5
Rank : Journeyman Fixer Mason
Build : Stocky, heavily muscled
Features: Beardless with a boyishly round face and large blue eyes. His skin is well weathered and freckled from sun exposure and the pinky and ring fingers on both hands remain permenantly curled.
Manner of Dress : Practical linens under leather aprons. Clunky boots with iron plate to protect his toes


Journeyman Mason originally from Creyrwald, Uther is an unconventional sort of dwarf. His clean shaven face is often the subject of scorn by others of his race. Orphaned at a young age he was adopted into a Gnomish family and some of their cheerful, mischievious demenor rubbed off on him. His decision to reaquaint himself to dwarvish culture through the study of stone masonry has only served to illustrate to himself how different he is from those of his race. Since his principle methods of masonry were taught to him by humans other Dwarf masons view him as sub-par while he for his part has become less inclined to try and emulate his fellows and rejects the trappings of dwarvish culture out of spite.

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Uther Renafr

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