Tansy Nells

Race : Human
Age : Mid 30s
Hair : Cropped Brown Hair
Height : 5’11
Rank : Journeyman Quarryman
Build : Heavily muscled
Features: A bit plain looking Tansy is neither pretty nor ugly. Her features are oval and her teeth slightly crooked. She is sun tanned and broad shouldered and hipped.
Manner of Dress : Her clothes are practical to the point of being shapeless and drab. She wears little ornement save for a black ring of iron around her ring finger


A young widow of another Quarryman, Tansy is sober and practical to the point of humorlessness. Despite her husband’s death being over three years ago she seems to have lost most of her zeal. She pursues her work doggedly and fills her downtime with practical craft and cares little for mixing with others.

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Tansy Nells

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