Renard Yogryff

Name : “Roaring” Renard Yogryff
Race : Half Orc
Age : 18
Hair : Dark haired
Height : 6’5
Rank : None
Build : Muscular
Features: Grey skinned and burly with long facial hair and a whip weal scar
Mode of dress : Inexpensive tunics and trousers, sheepskin boots and coat


A former Slave from Creywald Renard, can be caustic if his perceived rights are infringed upon. He is a drunkard and unpredictable when drunk tending to start fights, cause accidents or keep the camp up at night with bawdy songs. Still, when sober or at least mostly sober he is usually apolegetic about his goings on. He is a decent woodcutter and fiercely loyal to his friends… even those who might not be worth the trouble.


Bryn Gray – Friend
Elanora Gray – Friend
Malena Elke – Friend
Maldwyn Keenan – Drinking Buddy
Brava Blacksheild- ?

Renard Yogryff

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