Oliver Gray

Race : Human ( 1/4 elf )
Age : 16
Hair : Brown medium -short
Height : 4’11
Rank : None
Build : Slight framed
Features: youthful, handsome but angular features like his father’s with slanted elvan brown eyes and very slightly pointed ears
Mode of dress : Well made practical garments and boots but his shirts and trousers are all slightly too big and show signs of patching.


Oliver is mischievious and often bored by the isolation of the camp. He likes to play the flute and becomes sullen and moody easily. He looks a little younger than he is (about 13 ) due to his half elf heritage and can get slightly defensive about being treated like a child.

Recently Oliver was taken on as an Apprentice to Alistair Rhodes. Oliver is an intelligent youth and excited by the prospect of doing something as exotic as artificing. Before his change of instruction he served under his mother as an apprentice blacksmith which he found labourous and repetitive. Enthusiastic, he has begun practicing a bit on his own. He accidently turned his parent’s table a acidic green, proving an aptitude for the craft but also a potentially dangerous deaf ear to his new teacher’s warnings about practicing unsupervised.


Alistair Rhodes – Primary Teacher
Bryn Gray – Father
Elanora Gray – Mother
Desmond Gray – Brother
Kieran Claus – Friend

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Oliver Gray

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