The Oddwood

Historically a dense and mystical forest. Up to (rather approximately) One hundred years ago the woods were virtually uninhabitable. The woods themselves are a coniferous rainforest that has a portion of the Hoarfrost mountain range running across it.

Villages on the forest border have historical records and legends dating to before the Kingdom’s formation that those who entered too deep into the woods, would return strangely altered, provided they returned at all. No source or cause of the odd afflictions were ever cited and remains unknown.

Strange cases were reported such as an adult returning to their villiage as a young child. A man who couldn’t blink or move their eyes in his eyesockets. One woman complained of hearing the sound of bells as though someone with bell laden clothing was perpetually following her. People who sprouted antlers, scales, horns, tails or antenne inexplicably were fairly common cases as were the more mundane afflictions of blindness, deafness near the forest border are also common however not all cases can be directly confirmed as being part of the forest’s effect. In the past attempts to magically cure the stricken individuals required more recently developed high level clerical magic to revert back to their previous state.

50 years ago after a long period of no new cases being reported a number of commoners attempting to dodge paying tithes established a settlement four miles past the forest border. The settlement was eventually discovered and became an addition of the Duchy of Kennan. Since then logging camps have been established deeper in the woods to supply the growing Riversedge with lumber. No new cases of “the Oddwood curse” have been reported however to date 90 people have gone missing at the logging camps over the past 30 years. Since the camps are located in heavily wooded areas without a central authority most of these disappearances have been attributed to foul play amongst loggers or to wild beast attacks.

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