Laura Keenan

Race : Human
Age : 25
Hair : Straight brown and long
Height : 4’7
Rank : None
Build : Slight, small hipped and breasted
Features: Fair skined and fragile looking she has brown eyes. Kind of plain looking she has some scars on her face around her right eye. approx 5 months pregnant.
Manner of Dress : Well made long sleeved shirts , long skirts in subtle tones, snood, wedding ring


Shy, loving and kind she believes her husband is a good person with a problem. Living in terror of his drunken rages Laura does all she can to protect her 5 year old daughter Dorothy. She is an excellent seamstress and was trained as a lady’s maid before she married and fell into the traditional role of homemaker. She progressively has become more isolated from her kinfolk since marrying her husband and doesn’t socialize much as it tempts her husband’s ire.


Maldwyn Keenan – Spouse
Dorothy Keenan – Daughter
Elanora Gray – Friend

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Laura Keenan

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