Ingrid Summers

Race : Half-Orc
Age : 20
Hair : Earlobe length hair
Height : 5’11
Rank : Labourer
Build : Heavily muscled , flat chested
Features: Green skinned with a smattering of dark black freckles, Plain features
Manner of Dress : Dresses like a man in rough cheap undyed shirts and homespun brown pants. Wears no jewelry besides a necklace with a cast pewter symbol of Kord.


The first new arrival to Badgerholt since the council’s arrival. Being an intelligent individual but having been turned down time and again for anything besides physical labourer positions due to her Half-orc heritage in her home town in Sheepford, Ingrid made her way to Badgerholt in the hopes of finding an oppertunity to apply herself. Sheriff Dolendak, recruited her the day she arrived to serve in the town watch. Shy and not experienced with dealing with people from a lifetime of being treated as inferior she has reservations about how good a guard she’ll make but already she is picking up fast on the combat basics she’ll need from Hildegard StoneHall and after an inspiring talk with the new Sheriff she’s willing to give it her all.


Erida Dolendak – Boss
Hildegard StoneHll – Teacher

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Ingrid Summers

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