Horatio Pedar

Race : Human ( 1/4 elf )
Age : 36
Hair : Black, short
Height : 5’10
Rank : Yeoman
Build : Fit
Features: Dark skinned, handsome chiseled features and neatly trimmed mustashe and beard
Mode of dress : Well made practical garments and boots trimmed in animal fur. Moderate jewelery and lots of embroidery.


Horacio’s family came from Geshmar from the far south however he was born in Estersea. A resident of Riversedge Horacio makes trips once every week to visit the Badgerholt camp bringing with him supplies ordered by the camp along with some nessessities to stock the store run part time by his assistant who takes the orders and manages the trade. Horacio is well used to taking bartered goods as the trappers particularly don’t often deal in coin. He makes a good profit on the furs and his assistant is well used to appraising the cost of animal skins. The trip is at times a dangerous one but with the aid of a much used and beloved horse shod with horsehoes of the Zepher and his specially made craft he finds it worth his trouble. He does charge a markup for the goods delivered to the camps and a seat on his boat comes at a steep price but his way is the fastest and safest there is.

Horatio is a decently accomplished wizard and was conscripted as a crown mage into the last war. He fought in the battle of Witchshore and came out alive and unscathed. He doesn’t sell his services as a wizard preferring instead to deal in more mundane goods.

He runs a successful furrier’s shop in Eastwilde but lives on the outskirts of Riversedge.


Gianpiero Sampson – Employee (Badgerholt)
Vera Lynnwithe – Friend / Employee (Riversedge)
Blackberry – Horse

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Horatio Pedar

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