Guide to Medicine in Estersea

Medicine in Estersea is advanced by a basic recognition of basic medical theory beyond what existed in the medieval world. Medical professionals are aware that illness can be spread by contact with dung or urine, through blood, contaminated water, contact , or contaminated air. They do not have a concept of germ theory not being able to achieve the level of magnification nessisary to see microrganisms.

Due to a decriminalization of autopsies on criminals the college of surgeons have a solid concept of anatomy and a decent grasp of organ function. As most wounds can be healed with magic many healers are unaware of the finer points of illness transmition, diagnostic and surgical proceedure. Crown educated Chirurgeons are adepts of surgery and heal through surgical and medicinal means what would normally require extremely high level spells to fix. A simple healing spell will not remove objects lodged in a person’s body, remove a tumour or treat a disease.

Magic of higher levels can bypass the need for actual medical knowledge but there are limits to what a spell can heal. Once a body has healed naturally a spell will only repair the body back to the point it recalls as being it’s natural state. A broken bone that heals sloppily will remain in that state regardless of simple heal spells unless addressed with surgical repair or a more targeted and generally higher level spell. Same applies for a missing body part. Unless magic is used to halt healing or the wound is re-aggrevated daily preventing the wound from truly healing ( which is a dangerous tactic which often results in shock, embolisims, strokes, infection or death) after approximately three days a restoration spell will not regrow a missing limb.

Documented cases exist of people who are regularly administered healing magics over the course of several years becoming resistant to magical healing. Furthermore, regular application of magical abillity enhancement spells can be habit forming and can cause dementia (wis), depression (cha) ,memory problems (int) , degenerative muscular skeletal disorders (str/dex) and autoimmune diseases (con) later in life. Moderation in using such spells is recommended by medical professionals.

Rare Conditions

Magic bleed

Cases of a condition called “magic bleed” have been documented. This condition effects an estimated 1/100 people. Certain individuals are more suceptible to magical effects than others. Individuals suffering from magic bleed gain spell-like afflictions or physical abnormalities from consistent exposure to magical objects. These afflictions rarely endanger a subject’s health negatively are rarely problematic and are never permenant.

Examples :

An afflicted person wearing a ring of comprehend languages might occasionally blurt out a word in a language they do not know

An afflicted person wearing a hat of disguise might suffer minor discoloration of their skin, eye or hair color when not disguised.

In all instances sufferer’s issues go away a few days after abstaining from using the item and remain gone as long as the item is worn or used for two hours or less each day.

Magical Immunity

An extremely rare condition. Individuals with this can not be affected directly by non-physical magic effects. (Example : a fireball will still burn them because it creates a physical thing but a charm person or heal spell will not effect them) “Resistants” are viewed by some as being punished by the Gods for deeds done in a past life and most with this affliction are hesitant to admit they have it. These people can never cast magic or use spell like abillities

The Oddwood Curse

No reported cases in the past hundred years. Afflicted people had a bizarre range of physical and mental effects which were permanent unless subjected to a Miracle or Wish spell As far as healers of the age were able to discern the body accepted the “curse” effect as a natural state of being and thus could not be removed like an actutal curse or negative spell level. The cause remains unknown (see Oddwood )

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Guide to Medicine in Estersea

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