Elanora Gray

Elanora ‘Ellie’ Gray

Race : Half-elf
Age : Middle aged
Hair : short salt and pepper hair
Height : 5’6
Rank : husbandman
Build : Stocky, heavily muscled
Features: Has one gray eye and one blue, a hare lip and asymetrical features. Has a missing index finger on left hand and multiple burn scars on both her arms. from hands to elbow.
Manner of Dress : Practical linen dresses under leather apron, head kerchief , wedding ring


The camp smith she is a skilled craftswoman and respected figure in the town. Known to be gruff, blunt and terse in manner but generous, sensible and kind she is often called upon to sit judgement on quarrels or give advice on matters. The younger residents of Badgerholt know that this smith can be called upon to do anything from rescue kites from treetops to consoling the heartbroken.


Bryn Gray – Spouse
Oliver Gray – Son
Desmond Gray – Son

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Elanora Gray

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