Dukedom of Kennan

Duchy of Kennan

“A bustling market town where you can find anything. Mind your manners though. They like the law a little too much there.”

A large Duchy with three small villages and the largest city in Southeastern Estersea. Sheepford, Willingdon and Riversedge are three villages which have been made populace by people fleeing the Folkvangr wars.

The city of Eastwilde is at the center of the Duchy and is the epicentre of trade for many of the nearby Baronys. The city doubles its population on market days ( Moonsday and Firesday ) and the city suffers as most large cities do with the problem of medieval affulence : butcher’s and brewers waste. Gongfarmers and Guttermen are employed to clean the wards but even well kempt cities of any size have issues of foulness. Still, the rich are lured to Kennan for it’s more successful attempts than most to deal with waste and it’s bustling business in all things under the sun. Minor nobility, wealthy merchants and tradesmen are in abundance and so too are entertainments one might be hard pressed to find in the country. The Famous Silver Raven theater hosts plays written be premeire playwrights from as far away as the capital and even Halledras with a number of lesser theaters nearby where wouldbe star players hone their skills. Bearbaiting is a legal but pricey entertainment and other public events such as executions leave the inhabitants anything but bored.

Laws in Kennan

Punishment for theft is high in Kennan often resulting in the loss of fingers, ears, noses and sometimes hands and feet. Bylaws are strict in dealing particularly with matters of inappropriate disposal and vandalism. Dueling is not illegal provided that no one is killed and one can apply to obtain writs to perform a personal duel from the ward Seneschal Such duels are considered viable to settle personal matters or minor legal settlement and a healer and a dueling official must be present. The duels are performed only in daylight in specially prepared areas and both participants must be willing to fight. Illegal duels (often refered to as “lanthornlight exchanges”) often happen after dark in back alleyways or disreputable bars. The Worship of Nerull and Hextor is expressly forbidden as is the practice of necromancy which can be tried as a serious crime. Mages require a certificate issued from a mage guildhall to sell their services as a spellcaster or to sell magical items and a record of magic items created and sold must be forwarded monthly to the Eastwilde Mages Guildhall via the local ward office.

NOTE : Riversedge, while technically governed by the majority of the same bylaws has a penchant for being exeedingly lax in enforcing laws pretaining to inappropriate disposal of waste and authorities have been rumored to turn a blind eye to dueling and the creation of black market unregistered magic items.

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Dukedom of Kennan

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