A Country to the south of Estersea, Creyerald is a vast country of temperate fertile plains and forests. Reknowned for it’s excellent produce, mild weather and as the flower of chivalry the country has absorbed a number of smaller countries that once shared it’s border through military might or trade. Income disparity and noble privilage is much higher in Creyerald than in Estersea with a greater divide between the peasantry and the nobillity. In Creyerald a noble on his own lands is considered untouchable by the law and as such many nobles live under a state of constant house arrest. Inheritence goes strictly through the patriarchal line and women are not permitted to own businesses or fight in the military.

Slavery while not illegal is not common in most settings. Orcs and Half-Orcs are highly discriminated against and most are enslaved into dangerous work in mines and quarries. Creyerald has a number of provinces and it’s southernmost have the highest concentration of halflings in the known world. Travellers of larger races have often complained of finding it difficult to find lodgings suitable for their size.

Recently peasant revolts have been sweeping the country and a brutal civil war has torn the country for the past seven years.

Notes On Slavery In Creyerald

Creyerald slavery is unique from it’s neighbours as it operates on the principle of indentured servitude. Slaves in Creyerald for the past 300 years have had certain rights. A slave in Creyerald for instance can not be bred with other slaves against their will. In Aglden this is a common practice. Furthermore a Creyerald slave cannot be killed without worthy cause and must be provided sufficent food and water to sustain them at their work and new clothes once a year.

Furthermore Creyerald slaves earn a silver coin a week for their work and may be rewarded more for exemplary service. Should they pay their master’s the equivilent of 50 gold pieces they will be freed and allowed to take with them three days worth of food and the clothing on their backs.

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