Bryn Gray

Race : Human
Age : 52
Hair : Brown, Balding
Height : 5’10
Rank : Husbandman
Build : Medium
Features: Tanned skin, Hook like nose, angular features, heavy Laugh lines
Manner of Dress : Jerkins, hose and wool tunics in greens, browns and grays trimmed in embroidery, gold earring and wedding ring


Cheerful, talkative and good-natured, Bryn is almost the complete opposite of his wife in temperment. He spends his days mostly caring for and tutoring his younger son, cooking, doing housework, beekeeping, gardening and serving as the camp handyman. People from the camp have been known to pay well to eat his cooking and once a week he opens his kitchen to the camp to serve his famous stew. Trappers have been known to show up hours in advance to ensure they get a bowl before the supply runs out

Bryn is considered a fair and respected man and assists in preventing quarrels. It has also been revealed that he has received in the past some form of bardic and weapon’s training.

Spells Used in Party’s sight : Lullaby, Sleep, Expeditious retreat,


Elanora Gray – Spouse
Oliver Gray – Son
Desmond Gray – Son

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Bryn Gray

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