Baron Thomas Featherstone

Race : Human
Age : 41
Hair : Brown (Greying at the temples) worn millitary short
Height : 5’11
Rank : Baron
Build : Medium
Features: Handsome sharp features, Healed burn scar on left side of face on cheek, neck and shoulder
Manner of Dress : Simple and Well Worn. Little or no embroidery or jewelry

Early life

Born the oldest son of a merchant family In Ironfield Thomas Featherstone was being groomed to inherit the bussiness from an early age. A poor student of accounting his parents allowed him to remain close with a promising indentured student around his age going so far as to arrange for them to take their lessons together in hopes that he would improve. Having no taste for business however Thomas instead saved his allowance and at the age of 19 refused to marry the noble his family had arranged for him to marry and enrolled against his parents wishes in the Estersea Eastern Millitary Academy.

Military Career

After three years in the academy he graduated as a ensign and served as a flag bearer for Lord Captain Sir Griswald during the first Folkvangr border war distinguishing himself in battle and rising to the rank of Lieutenant. Remaining under military contract he remained on the border guard and held command under Lord Griswald throughout the second Folkvangr border war rising to the rank of Cheif Lieutenant. He was wounded seriously once during the second war from a mage blast which scarred his face and sent shrapnel into his chest. Through the diligence of the army surgeons he survived with no lasting damage.

During the Battle of Witchshore Sir Griswald was killed in action and Chief Lt. Featherstone assumed command of his forces avoiding further disaster and coming to the rescue of Prince Dameon’s unit. For his heroism he was awarded the rank of Captain ( a rank previously restricted to nobles) . At the end of the war he was enobled as Baron by the King and granted funds to establish his barony in the Oddwood so that his heirs would always be provided for and recognized for his noble deeds.

Post Military Career

After the war Baron Featherstone set up household in Springbrooke while he had the new Barony of Featherstone prospected. When the reports arrived showing a substantial silver vein near the Badgerholt logging camp he travelled to the camp personally to arrange with the loggers to retain their lumber at the camp instead of sending it downriver to Kennan and announced his decision to build a town on the site of the camp. Returning to Springbrooke he commenced preparations.

Living quietly in Springbrooke most of his neighbours assume he is simply a wealthy ex military officer. Being largely self sufficent and finding overt displays of wealth distasteful he married his housekeeper, Fiana Ravenwood, who remained for the majority of their courtship to be oblivious of his actual rank . They employ a laundry maid and an occasional handyman but otherwise eschew servants preferring to take care of themselves. The Baron remains of poor terms with his parents who have recently re-acknowledged him as their heir however he is currently working with an advocate to force them to disinherit him.

Baron Thomas Featherstone

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