“The King has seen fit to reward me in the usual way; Granting me titular ownership over one hundred leagues of rocks on the frontier and the hope that one day it will be actually worth something to my heirs…”

The most promising of the logging camps in the Oddwood and site of the New Barony (unoffically named) Featherstone. The camp is 5 years old and the site holds the title for first permanant structure errected over 25 miles from the forest’s border. To date there have been 12 deaths in Badgerholt most of which have been attributed to logging accidents, untreated illnesses, or beast attacks.


Residents of Badgerholt
Baron Thomas Featherstone

Civic Works

Laws of Badgerholt
Criminal Records


RiverHorse Trading Post
Elanora Gray’s Smithy
Almond Blossom Farm


Bryn’s Kitchen
Griddlebit’s Stewpot
Christin Caleigh’s School
Lumber Mill

Local Landmarks

Babblewyne Brook
Crackjaw Mountain
Copperlined Gorge
Twice-Cursed Mountain
Sweetspring Falls
Spinerock Knoll
Sulpher Falls

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