Armenius Dolmetsch

Elanora ‘Ellie’ Gray

Race : Human
Age : Early 60s
Hair : short salt and pepper hair
Height : 5’10
Rank : Master Carpenter (Guildsman)
Build : Pudgy, heavily muscled
Features: Stout and well muscled for all he is well over 50. He has a prominent nose and bright blue eyes. His black hair has only gone white at his temples and a gold tooth can be seen in the wide smile under his bristly mustashe.
Mode of Dress: His clothes are sturdy, his tunic a bright mustard yellow trimmed with bright red embroidery. A gold pendant of Pelor dangles from his necklace of green beads "


A brisk and conservative man. He is a stout worshipper of Pelor. His four sons and daughter are his work crew. He is very vocal about what he believes are right and wrong. He believes the Oddwood curse is just a fairy story and that the family fortune can be expanded by setting up shop in a growing town. He previously ran a carpentry shop in Eastwilde which he left to his eldest daughter and her husband who took the Dolmetsch family name in an upset of convention.

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Armenius Dolmetsch

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