Almond Blossom Farm

A sizable and prosperous farm run by Melena Elke the Almond Blossom farm is the source of fresh fruit and vegetables for the logging camp. While most of the houses have small kitchen gardens Melena boasts an orchard with almond, apple, pear and hazelnut trees, an herb garden and fields of vegetables for every season.



Basil, Rosemary , Thyme, Chive, Oregano , Mint, Chevril


Peas, Carrots , Cabbage , Beans, Parsnips , Lettuce, Onions , Turnips, Beets , Cuccumber, garlic , Potatoes

Fruits & Nuts

Strawberry, Blackcurrant , Almond , Apple , Pear, Hazelnut , Cherry (New, not yet producing in quanitiy)


Honey , Beeswax, Eggs

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Almond Blossom Farm

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