An Odd Sort of Town

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Added wiki entries for The areas near the players , a basic guide to how medicine, Law and Taxes are practiced in Estersea and a bio on Baron Thomas Featherstone to assist in any backstory details you might want to add.

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A Fresh Start

The party assembled at the Baron’s house in Springbrooke and received a briefing on the current state of Badgerholt and were introduced to their fellow council members. After gathering their supplies they departed on a hired river boat called the “Osprey” en route to the Duchy of Kennan where they will need to arrange transport further upriver.

On the way Raspin Disncore and Sigurd Lothbrook met fellow passengers Devon and May Haywood, a young couple about to inherit an unknown sum from their recently deceased father with which they wanted to purchase land and start a farm. Sigurd convinced the pair that the danger of the Oddwood was past and the pair promised to write once they knew more about their finances. The pair of council members also spoke with a gnomish butcher who was doing well in her current business but promised to mention the oppertunity to her cousin. Dinscore convinced a shady old human who turned out to be a semi-retired glassmaker to mention to his apprentices that there might be a business prospect for them in Badgerholt.

Allan Oldwick diagnosed the Captain’s first Mate with early signs of consumption and co-ordinated with Alistair Roads to create and cast a cure disease scroll. The Captain promised to repay the favor possibly with a long term shipping deal however he mentioned his vessel is too deep on the draft to make the trip past Riversedge.

Kennan and Badgerholt
Journey's end.

The Party arrived in Eastwilde , the largest city in southeastern Estersea and a major trading hub. They arrived on market day when the streets were at their busiest and braving the foot traffic Alistair Rhodes and Sheriff Dolendak located the bank and withdrew the precious start up funds for the barony. Heading back to the docks they caught a ferry to Riversedge where the part attempted to contact a merchant by the name of Horatio Pedar who makes frequent runs up to Badgerholt on a strange contraption best described as a “water carriage” .

Finding Pedar unavailable and his footman unwilling to venture Riversedge streets after dark to help complete strangers ( who as far as he knew could be devilish rogues trying to lure him away from the house) the party obtained permissions to lodge in Pedar’s stable for the night and went back to collect their chests. Venturing the deserted streets the party realized they were being followed by people with weapons. When a voice from a nearby rooftop tried to cast “lullaby” on the party they turned to face their pursuers and after the rooftop assailant shot an arrow at Sigurd who promptly moved in to attack the three weapon bearing people on the road striking a pre-emptive blow. At this point the three town guards who had been tailing the party with obvious poor intentions attacked but after one was rendered unconscious by a blunted arrow one of the remaining town guards set up the hue and cry and called more guards to the scene.

Sargent Willis, an apt and honorable senior guard arrived on the scene and commanded that all halt and submit to the law. The party went peacefully to the gaol where they explained their version of events. Your story was believed by Sargent Willis due to past incidents of a similar nature occurring where the town guards have been known to pursue dodgy pastimes and the party was permitted to stay the night at the gaol and set out in the morning for Horatio Pedar’s.

Horatio, willing to alter his schedule ferried the party to Badgerholt on a boat propelled by a horse able to walk on the surface of the water. On the way the party passed through a narrow canyon known as the “Dragons Gullet” – a dangerous stretch of water when going downstream and impassable by more conventional boats going upstream. During the trip members of the party began to take note of odd occurances that seemed to not have a decernable source.

The party arrived in Badgerholt and made the aquaintance of Byrn Gray , husband of the blacksmith Elanora Gray . The party asked him a number of questions pretaining to odd local fauna, the state of the camp and other helpful individuals they can contact to learn more of the camp. With the odd events continuing to occur Mr. Roads spoke to Master Oldwick to determine if he might be able to identify the source and was surprised to learn that Allan has been haunted by some sort of poltergeist since the Coldfire war. Rattled but unwilling to share his findings with the rest of the party Alistair returned to the group . The party also met Kieran Claus , a farmhand at Melina’s farm, Elanora the tacturn half elvan smith and the two young Gray children Oliver and Desmond.

New Friends

Wiki entries added for particularly relevant characters encountered or mentioned in the last two sessions have been added into an NPC codex in the wiki along with a new section for Creatures of the Oddwood. Updates were done to the section on Law in Estersea and the main wiki page reordered to make it a little neater. Invites were sent to Casey via email.

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Orientation Day
Meet and Greet of the Residents of Badgerholt

Awakening early at the Gray residence where they had spent the night the party was shocked to discover that something had chewed a hole in the wooden chest with the village’s start up capital and eaten a handful of gold and silver coins! Exchequer Rhodes was forced to list the losses (under the subheading “food”) in his ledgers and the party, finding their hosts were at a loss for what could have munched on precious metals or how something could have entered with out unlocking the door or unbarring the shutters, had a stunning breakfast prepared by Bryn Gray.

Setting to work, Allistair Rhodes surveyed the store of tools commissioned over the winter by the Baron and found to his pleasant surprise that Elanora Gray Had created all the requisite steel parts for a conventional water powered sawmill. Using his skills as an artificer he added some magic to the saw blades to reduce friction , and improve on the blade’s wear and tear and nearly double the saw’’s effectiveness at processing lumber. Meanwhile, Mr. Raspin Dincore with Sherrif Dolendak in tow scouted out an excellent location for the building of a sawmill on the banks of the Babblewyne creek that runs through the town clearing.

After reconvening Sheriff Erida Dolendak, Seneschal Sigurd Lothbrook and Chirugeon Allan Oldwick went to survey the logger and trapper camp while Allistair and Raspin stayed behind to use their magic to start processing the raw lumber to build the sawmill.

The logging camp proved to be a mixed bag of personallities. Self appointed headwoman and notorious gossip Bravia Blacksheild Took the Sherrif on a tour of the camp while Allan saw to the various small injuries which had recently befallen the residents. Most of the loggers seemed open enough for proper introductions. The party met “Roaring” Renard Yogryff the camp’s infamous rowdy drunkard who seemed pleasant and apologetic enough when sober. Dwarven logger Hildegard Stonehall was noted as being good with a bow and other weapons and a possible addition to the town guard. The party also encountered a rude pair of twins named Jack and Heath Cooper , the hungover Maldwyn Keenan, the secretive Jurriaan Marsh and the adult siblings [[Esteban & Maria Mulleta]] who with their dour demeanor could prove trouble in the future.

In addition the party met Christin Caleigh an older trapper and somewhat of a loner amongst the younger and less savoury younger trappers. Speaking with him the party learned that he is the closest thing the camp has to a school teacher as he teaches the basics twice weekly to the camp ’s younger citizens. He has recently suffered some personal tragedy of which he is still recovering.

The party reconvened for a quick lunch with the Grays and then went to the farm to assess the food supply for the camp at the single farm. Young and outgoing halfling farmer Malena Elke gave them an overview of her farm citing further expansion and negotiating with Alistair for a magical scroll which will expand production on the farm by a third in exchange for supplying food for a future Inn.

Next the party contacted Gianpiero Sampson sickly clerk at the trading post owned by Horatio Pedar. Speaking with him the party learned that Esteban and Maria have been strong arming him into giving them significant discounts and that one or more of the loggers is a frequent shoplifter.

As the dusk fell the party split, half of the party remaining to ponder how best to lie in wait for whatever ate their coins that morning while the Sherriff and Seneshal went to the logging camp to ‘assess the threat level’ of the camp. Finding the more respectable residents gone to bed both Sherriff and Judge faced a sullen and brooding gathering of people less than happy about the law coming to share their fire. With his glib tongue and scapegrace manner Seneschal Lothbrooke prevented the gathering from going from sullen to murderous with his usual diplomatic flare. All in all a good start!


New character and creature wiki’s for last session have been added along with links for Alistair’s Journal in both the wiki and on the main page. I love it when players keep game memoirs!

Xorn's Snacking Habit!
The game becomes an episode of Pokemon

The party after their tiring day of introductions split for the night with Sheriff Erida and Sigurd staying behind to join watches at the logging camp while Raspin , Alistair and Allan held their own vigil over the remaining gold at the Gray residence hoping to catch sight of what had eaten their coins. During Alistair’s watch something triggered the alarm spell on the chests and the culprit was revealed… A Xorn!

This weird lovechild of a frog, an octopus and a beach ball hopped right up through the earthen floor to stick it’s webbed hand into the chest which had been rigged with a snare around the hole. The trap triggered but the metal eating Xorn had no issue sawing through the rope while Alistair roused the residence of the Gray family house. Alistair shot an arrow at the weird little invader but only succeeded in hitting the floorboards nearby while Halfling healer Allan attempted to grapple the metal eating monstrosity only to be rebuffed gently while it fished out a bag of coins from the chest. Opening the bag and finding the contents to be copper it made a sound of disgust spilling the coins all over the floor. Raspin, seeking to disuade the thing stuffed his blanket in the hole of the chest and put his own body between the Xorn and the stash of coins. This proved a poor plan as the Xorn decided to take a bite of Raspin instead! Bryn Gray joined the fight with a will and wielded a sword and spell against the invader but to no avail. The fight escalated when Raspin once again got between the Xorn and the party’s start up capital when he using some bizzarre trick of physics known only to Gnomish factotums picked up the heavy chest and spirited it across the room. The Xorn gave chase avoiding numerous attempts to attack it and gave Raspin a hearty bite half the damage of which was absorbed magically by Allan Oldwick.

Bryn Gray, sensing a change of tactics were required, cast a spell of expeditious retreat and after grabbing the chest from Dinscor, fled out the open door toward the logger’s camp to find the burlier members of the council as the squealing Xorn gave chase followed shortly by Allan and a few feet behind Raspin.

Back at the camp Sigurd was entertaining Renard Yogryff with that really amazing story about that one time three years ago when he did that thing with the stuff when the sound of a far off commotion caught his ear. Catching a glimpse in the pre-dawn light of Bryn running full out with the heavy chest he roused Erida who took up her weapons to help assist.

The exhausted Bryn collapsed at the feet of the two warrior councillors and pointed toward the rapidly approaching Xorn. Erida, with her blunted arrows scored good blow before it closed range and grabbed a new bag from the chest intent on eating some riches. Before it could shove the pouch of gold in it’s face Erida grappled the Xorn while Sigurd, in an unusual move, attempted to reason with the creature.

Telling the creature of the need they had to use the gold to sustain the town, of how sorry they were for hurting it and explaining that they had been scared by the Xorn’s unfamilliar and frightening appearance Sigurd’s efforts were rewarded when the Xorn returned the
pilfered bag of gold to the party and wandered peacefully off into the sunrise as the narrorator from pokemon gave a stirring summery about new friends made and hinted of adventures yet to come.

Sigurd and Erida, slinging the still unconsious Bryn and the chest of gold on their shoulders headed for the Gray residence once again to rejoin their fellows. After breakfast and a bath in the river headed out to Raspin found a good sight for a future limestone quarry and had a “gnome off” with the camp cook. Erida spotted a pair of vicious dogs tied to the outer fence of the camp which she noticed showed signs of abuse and upon questioning the cook learned they belonged to the Cooper twins.

Finding the collective work force assembling outside the Gray residence for Bryn’s twice a week catering the party addressed the loggers regarding plans to commence the building of a road to join up with the road under construction near Riversedge after which they engaged the camp in a tournament of "hunkerdown’ and settled in for a good feed.

After another day well spent the party called it an early night after their early morning adventure and hit the hay.

Time Skip
In Which a bunch of matters were decided upon by the council

The Badgerholt council over the course of their first week began the business of starting work on their domain. Sigurd began drafting the paperwork nessisary to put any new town on the map establishing the means of punishment for thieves and how to regulate brothels and streetwalkers in the tiny hamlet. With a mind to the recent problems over at the River Horse Trading Company He likewise drafted a new bylaw regarding making extortion illegal. Erida, made a shockingly progressive suggestion that the council should draft a bill to punish guards for using excessive force in their arrests. The council was skeptical of the suggestion and whether or not the movement will be made into law is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile Raspin’s week was busily spent in the company of Giles Eastwood properly surveying the grade of the landscape in the proposed downtown sector and assessing mineral deposits along the Caliban river. Near the river he found evidence of turquoise, copper and quartz. Assessing the townsfolk for their carving abillity by setting an open challenge he found some of the populace have rudementry wood carving skills. In the evenings he assisted Master Allan by distilling and attempting to refine the red honey collected by Giles for use in medicine.

At the camp Erida continued to keep a close watch. The nights at the camp began to return to their regular format as Erida made little objection to the rowdy goings on for the most part. The general entertainment of dogfighting and gambling began to surface. Jack Cooper and Renard Yogryff became involved in a violent altercation after Jack said some highly insulting things regarding Bravia Blackshield‘s character. Stepping in Erida stopped the confrontation after Renard broke Jack’s nose and escorted him to Allan for treatment.

When not remolding Jack’s cartilage Allan spent the week using Maldwyn Keenan as a paid volunteer to observe and test the effects of the red honey to establish a baseline for it’s effects and tested some of Raspin’s variations. So far it seems the mixtures vary only in duration and potency. To see if these variants have reduced long term addiciveness and harmful side effects will require a longer term study.

Alistair’s time was spent mostly planning out his workshop, budgeting and writing postings for a workforce to be posted in Kenan and assessing young Oliver Gray as a possible apprentice. Getting his parent’s blessings He has begun the lad’s training with basic scroll work and theory.

Horatio delivered a number of letters along with a large number of dry goods and a crate of live chickens. The documents ranged from personal correspondence to official requests for setting aside farmland. A research group from the College of Ironfield sent a request ahead for some form of building to use as a base for their operations. Along with these tidings came a new addition to Badgerholt, Ingrid Summers , a half orc former farm labourer who despite being unfamiliar with weapon use and less than confident about being a figure of authority was recruited by Erida as a future guard. She began weapons training under Hildegard StoneHall and showed a bit of aptitude with a baton and sword but proved to be a terrible hand with any form of crossbow.

Taking A Sick Day
In Which the Players Encounter Dealing With Illness for the first time.

The week ahead seemed very full of promise. Allistair with his new apprentice Oliver Gray to assist, began the manufacture of golem-like homunculi while Erida began training her new guards and a hound she found rather inexplicably wandering in the Oddwood. No one in camp recognized the specially bred scent hound though many believe that it must have wandered to Badgerholt from one of the trapper camps further away. Erida, noting the dog’s intelligent and affectionate nature, adopted it promptly and dubbed it Arthur.

Raspin and Allan’s work continued on the alchemical breakdown and formulation of the Red Honey into a more refined medicinal drug. Paying a gold to willing volunteers to try out four specially brewed mixes . The Muletta and Cooper siblings were keen to assist for the promise of a good day’s pay. Jack Cooper’s mix proved to be a little volatile and he had a bad reaction, vomiting to the point of dry heaving and passing out. Maria had the best result with a fairly fast onset and actually remaining comparitively docile and lucid.

On the fifth day of the week, while Erida was out on her rounds, a frenzied knocking on the door roused the rest of the group. Hildegard StoneHall, breathing hard from running from the camp told them in her usual succinct way that Ingrid was ill. Allan and Raspin sprang into action, grabbing Allan’s medical bag they hightailed it to Ingrid’s tent as Allistair sent his Homunculus “Link” to fetch Erida.

Ingrid looked in rough shape when Allan examined her in the privacy of her tent. Feverish and bathed in sweat she was obviously in need of cooling. Vomit stained her blankets and the ground nearby. Short of breath and coughing she relayed her whereabouts over the last few days. The sanitation of the camp was called into question as the woodcutters had been deficating into an open trench in the nearby woods. Allan ordered for Hilde and Erida to get Ingrid to the river where they could bathe her in cooling river water and get her into the shade. He also ordered for the burning of Ingrid’s blankets and clothes

Raspin and Allistair began contriving masks to filter out illness in the exhalations of the sickened. Needing for their project an amount of cloth, they decended on the RiverHorse Trading Company where they found the doors and windows shuttered. Sensing something amiss they picked the lock on the door and found Gianpiero Sampson insensible with what looks almost undeniably like the same illness though perhaps a little further along.

Spiriting Gian to the riverside where Allan continues to tend Ingrid ithas become apperant all is not well in town…

Down with a Spotch of Flu
In which the party deals with an outbreak

After finding Gianpiero Sampson Struck with the same illness as Ingrid the party brought the ailing shopkeep to the river where Allan laboured furiously to bring him back from the brink. A theory was formed that the illness was spread by one of the trade goods that came on the last shipment and thus an inquiry began.

After pouring over the register and consulting Allan, Allistair noted two likely culprits, a load of specialty pork sausage and a number of live chickens. Erida and Sigurd went to investigate the two leads while Raspin made efforts to create a suitable temperary infirmary for the paitents. Finding the sausage had been sold to Griddlebit and ingested by Ingrid earlier the Sherriff ordered the sausage not to be used further and sent a sample to Allan who could not identify either way whether the meat had been contaminated. Meanwhile at the Caleigh residence where the chickens had been purchased sickness had hit the family hard. The chickens were rounded up by trundles and brought to Allan where he identified the livestock as showing signs of illness.

As Cog set about eliiminating the chickens the sherriff went to check in on Dorothy Keenan , who was a close associate of the youngest Calieghs. Finding her ill as well the party moved her to open sided canvas roofed infirmary that has sprung up through the efforts of the townsfolk on the riverbank. Nursing the ill slowly back to prime health is a painstaking task that Allan labours tirelessly at but marked improvment shows in all those stricken.


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