An Odd Sort of Town


New Friends

Wiki entries added for particularly relevant characters encountered or mentioned in the last two sessions have been added into an NPC codex in the wiki along with a new section for Creatures of the Oddwood. Updates were done to the section on Law in Estersea and the main wiki page reordered to make it a little neater. Invites were sent to Casey via email.

Not bad eh?


I saw, you’ve been goin crazy-go-nuts on this. I’ve been trying to keep up with what you’re posting, though it would make tracking the NPC’s easier if they were linked into the Characters page. If you want, I can see if I can do that myself, if not that’s cool, this is turning into a great resource anyways. =)


I think it’s a great idea to put a link between the character’s page to the NPC codex! I’m thinking of reserving the character page more for player characters and your direct subordinate NPCs so I don’t flood the page but it definately makes sense to have direct links to the codex. There are going to be a lot of NPCs to remember at the end of this. I’m already seeing the potential of using this as a tool to remember all of the names!

If you have any feedback on anything to make the navigation easier don’t hold back!

Cultureshock007 Cultureshock007

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