An Odd Sort of Town

Time Skip

In Which a bunch of matters were decided upon by the council

The Badgerholt council over the course of their first week began the business of starting work on their domain. Sigurd began drafting the paperwork nessisary to put any new town on the map establishing the means of punishment for thieves and how to regulate brothels and streetwalkers in the tiny hamlet. With a mind to the recent problems over at the River Horse Trading Company He likewise drafted a new bylaw regarding making extortion illegal. Erida, made a shockingly progressive suggestion that the council should draft a bill to punish guards for using excessive force in their arrests. The council was skeptical of the suggestion and whether or not the movement will be made into law is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile Raspin’s week was busily spent in the company of Giles Eastwood properly surveying the grade of the landscape in the proposed downtown sector and assessing mineral deposits along the Caliban river. Near the river he found evidence of turquoise, copper and quartz. Assessing the townsfolk for their carving abillity by setting an open challenge he found some of the populace have rudementry wood carving skills. In the evenings he assisted Master Allan by distilling and attempting to refine the red honey collected by Giles for use in medicine.

At the camp Erida continued to keep a close watch. The nights at the camp began to return to their regular format as Erida made little objection to the rowdy goings on for the most part. The general entertainment of dogfighting and gambling began to surface. Jack Cooper and Renard Yogryff became involved in a violent altercation after Jack said some highly insulting things regarding Bravia Blackshield‘s character. Stepping in Erida stopped the confrontation after Renard broke Jack’s nose and escorted him to Allan for treatment.

When not remolding Jack’s cartilage Allan spent the week using Maldwyn Keenan as a paid volunteer to observe and test the effects of the red honey to establish a baseline for it’s effects and tested some of Raspin’s variations. So far it seems the mixtures vary only in duration and potency. To see if these variants have reduced long term addiciveness and harmful side effects will require a longer term study.

Alistair’s time was spent mostly planning out his workshop, budgeting and writing postings for a workforce to be posted in Kenan and assessing young Oliver Gray as a possible apprentice. Getting his parent’s blessings He has begun the lad’s training with basic scroll work and theory.

Horatio delivered a number of letters along with a large number of dry goods and a crate of live chickens. The documents ranged from personal correspondence to official requests for setting aside farmland. A research group from the College of Ironfield sent a request ahead for some form of building to use as a base for their operations. Along with these tidings came a new addition to Badgerholt, Ingrid Summers , a half orc former farm labourer who despite being unfamiliar with weapon use and less than confident about being a figure of authority was recruited by Erida as a future guard. She began weapons training under Hildegard StoneHall and showed a bit of aptitude with a baton and sword but proved to be a terrible hand with any form of crossbow.


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