An Odd Sort of Town

Taking A Sick Day

In Which the Players Encounter Dealing With Illness for the first time.

The week ahead seemed very full of promise. Allistair with his new apprentice Oliver Gray to assist, began the manufacture of golem-like homunculi while Erida began training her new guards and a hound she found rather inexplicably wandering in the Oddwood. No one in camp recognized the specially bred scent hound though many believe that it must have wandered to Badgerholt from one of the trapper camps further away. Erida, noting the dog’s intelligent and affectionate nature, adopted it promptly and dubbed it Arthur.

Raspin and Allan’s work continued on the alchemical breakdown and formulation of the Red Honey into a more refined medicinal drug. Paying a gold to willing volunteers to try out four specially brewed mixes . The Muletta and Cooper siblings were keen to assist for the promise of a good day’s pay. Jack Cooper’s mix proved to be a little volatile and he had a bad reaction, vomiting to the point of dry heaving and passing out. Maria had the best result with a fairly fast onset and actually remaining comparitively docile and lucid.

On the fifth day of the week, while Erida was out on her rounds, a frenzied knocking on the door roused the rest of the group. Hildegard StoneHall, breathing hard from running from the camp told them in her usual succinct way that Ingrid was ill. Allan and Raspin sprang into action, grabbing Allan’s medical bag they hightailed it to Ingrid’s tent as Allistair sent his Homunculus “Link” to fetch Erida.

Ingrid looked in rough shape when Allan examined her in the privacy of her tent. Feverish and bathed in sweat she was obviously in need of cooling. Vomit stained her blankets and the ground nearby. Short of breath and coughing she relayed her whereabouts over the last few days. The sanitation of the camp was called into question as the woodcutters had been deficating into an open trench in the nearby woods. Allan ordered for Hilde and Erida to get Ingrid to the river where they could bathe her in cooling river water and get her into the shade. He also ordered for the burning of Ingrid’s blankets and clothes

Raspin and Allistair began contriving masks to filter out illness in the exhalations of the sickened. Needing for their project an amount of cloth, they decended on the RiverHorse Trading Company where they found the doors and windows shuttered. Sensing something amiss they picked the lock on the door and found Gianpiero Sampson insensible with what looks almost undeniably like the same illness though perhaps a little further along.

Spiriting Gian to the riverside where Allan continues to tend Ingrid ithas become apperant all is not well in town…


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