An Odd Sort of Town

Orientation Day

Meet and Greet of the Residents of Badgerholt

Awakening early at the Gray residence where they had spent the night the party was shocked to discover that something had chewed a hole in the wooden chest with the village’s start up capital and eaten a handful of gold and silver coins! Exchequer Rhodes was forced to list the losses (under the subheading “food”) in his ledgers and the party, finding their hosts were at a loss for what could have munched on precious metals or how something could have entered with out unlocking the door or unbarring the shutters, had a stunning breakfast prepared by Bryn Gray.

Setting to work, Allistair Rhodes surveyed the store of tools commissioned over the winter by the Baron and found to his pleasant surprise that Elanora Gray Had created all the requisite steel parts for a conventional water powered sawmill. Using his skills as an artificer he added some magic to the saw blades to reduce friction , and improve on the blade’s wear and tear and nearly double the saw’’s effectiveness at processing lumber. Meanwhile, Mr. Raspin Dincore with Sherrif Dolendak in tow scouted out an excellent location for the building of a sawmill on the banks of the Babblewyne creek that runs through the town clearing.

After reconvening Sheriff Erida Dolendak, Seneschal Sigurd Lothbrook and Chirugeon Allan Oldwick went to survey the logger and trapper camp while Allistair and Raspin stayed behind to use their magic to start processing the raw lumber to build the sawmill.

The logging camp proved to be a mixed bag of personallities. Self appointed headwoman and notorious gossip Bravia Blacksheild Took the Sherrif on a tour of the camp while Allan saw to the various small injuries which had recently befallen the residents. Most of the loggers seemed open enough for proper introductions. The party met “Roaring” Renard Yogryff the camp’s infamous rowdy drunkard who seemed pleasant and apologetic enough when sober. Dwarven logger Hildegard Stonehall was noted as being good with a bow and other weapons and a possible addition to the town guard. The party also encountered a rude pair of twins named Jack and Heath Cooper , the hungover Maldwyn Keenan, the secretive Jurriaan Marsh and the adult siblings [[Esteban & Maria Mulleta]] who with their dour demeanor could prove trouble in the future.

In addition the party met Christin Caleigh an older trapper and somewhat of a loner amongst the younger and less savoury younger trappers. Speaking with him the party learned that he is the closest thing the camp has to a school teacher as he teaches the basics twice weekly to the camp ’s younger citizens. He has recently suffered some personal tragedy of which he is still recovering.

The party reconvened for a quick lunch with the Grays and then went to the farm to assess the food supply for the camp at the single farm. Young and outgoing halfling farmer Malena Elke gave them an overview of her farm citing further expansion and negotiating with Alistair for a magical scroll which will expand production on the farm by a third in exchange for supplying food for a future Inn.

Next the party contacted Gianpiero Sampson sickly clerk at the trading post owned by Horatio Pedar. Speaking with him the party learned that Esteban and Maria have been strong arming him into giving them significant discounts and that one or more of the loggers is a frequent shoplifter.

As the dusk fell the party split, half of the party remaining to ponder how best to lie in wait for whatever ate their coins that morning while the Sherriff and Seneshal went to the logging camp to ‘assess the threat level’ of the camp. Finding the more respectable residents gone to bed both Sherriff and Judge faced a sullen and brooding gathering of people less than happy about the law coming to share their fire. With his glib tongue and scapegrace manner Seneschal Lothbrooke prevented the gathering from going from sullen to murderous with his usual diplomatic flare. All in all a good start!


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