An Odd Sort of Town

New Arrivals

Wherein the party meets a number of new viliagers

Horatio arrives with a boatload of new arrivals as the outbreak of the previous week continues to run it’s course now well in hand. Amidst this group is the long awaited Jordak Malurk , Raspin’s friend and foreman. Greeting his old friend warmly he advises Raspin that the larger body of people arriving are in fact a large family of carpenters and that they seem to be “trouble”. Indeed the clan patriarch, Armenius Dolmetsch did seem a little grumpy after the boat ride but soon was busy touring the stores of lumber, the mill and the smithy aquainting himself with the lay of the land and promptly purchased a decently large patch of land for his family and wasted no time in beginning construction of a grand house. All seemed to be going well however at the mention that the council expected Armenius to make his house facings meet the council’s approved estetics he became stubborn and immediately opposed to the notion that a council should dictate how his home on property he owns should look (telling him about such restrictions only after he just bought the property didn’t help matters). Trouble indeed.

Also arrived was a newcomer from Riversedge. Young Edward Chandler is a woefully malnourished individual whom has made it to Badgerholt to seek his fortune. What that fortune may be is yet to be seen as the boy has no obvious skills and appears as though a stiff breeze could knock him over.

Devon and May Haywood out of Sheepford whom the party met on the ship to Kennan has arrived at last, looking to purchase land on which to grow the town’s first cereal crops with their recently gained inheritance. They purchased land at a very good deal from the council and have begun the hard task of clearing the land.

Last but not least, Kieran Claus has purchased the communitiy’s first pair of goats with money saved from working on Melena’s farm. Soon milk and cheese will be available locally for the first time.


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