An Odd Sort of Town

Kennan and Badgerholt

Journey's end.

The Party arrived in Eastwilde , the largest city in southeastern Estersea and a major trading hub. They arrived on market day when the streets were at their busiest and braving the foot traffic Alistair Rhodes and Sheriff Dolendak located the bank and withdrew the precious start up funds for the barony. Heading back to the docks they caught a ferry to Riversedge where the part attempted to contact a merchant by the name of Horatio Pedar who makes frequent runs up to Badgerholt on a strange contraption best described as a “water carriage” .

Finding Pedar unavailable and his footman unwilling to venture Riversedge streets after dark to help complete strangers ( who as far as he knew could be devilish rogues trying to lure him away from the house) the party obtained permissions to lodge in Pedar’s stable for the night and went back to collect their chests. Venturing the deserted streets the party realized they were being followed by people with weapons. When a voice from a nearby rooftop tried to cast “lullaby” on the party they turned to face their pursuers and after the rooftop assailant shot an arrow at Sigurd who promptly moved in to attack the three weapon bearing people on the road striking a pre-emptive blow. At this point the three town guards who had been tailing the party with obvious poor intentions attacked but after one was rendered unconscious by a blunted arrow one of the remaining town guards set up the hue and cry and called more guards to the scene.

Sargent Willis, an apt and honorable senior guard arrived on the scene and commanded that all halt and submit to the law. The party went peacefully to the gaol where they explained their version of events. Your story was believed by Sargent Willis due to past incidents of a similar nature occurring where the town guards have been known to pursue dodgy pastimes and the party was permitted to stay the night at the gaol and set out in the morning for Horatio Pedar’s.

Horatio, willing to alter his schedule ferried the party to Badgerholt on a boat propelled by a horse able to walk on the surface of the water. On the way the party passed through a narrow canyon known as the “Dragons Gullet” – a dangerous stretch of water when going downstream and impassable by more conventional boats going upstream. During the trip members of the party began to take note of odd occurances that seemed to not have a decernable source.

The party arrived in Badgerholt and made the aquaintance of Byrn Gray , husband of the blacksmith Elanora Gray . The party asked him a number of questions pretaining to odd local fauna, the state of the camp and other helpful individuals they can contact to learn more of the camp. With the odd events continuing to occur Mr. Roads spoke to Master Oldwick to determine if he might be able to identify the source and was surprised to learn that Allan has been haunted by some sort of poltergeist since the Coldfire war. Rattled but unwilling to share his findings with the rest of the party Alistair returned to the group . The party also met Kieran Claus , a farmhand at Melina’s farm, Elanora the tacturn half elvan smith and the two young Gray children Oliver and Desmond.


“Accounts which were technically incorrect. You claimed the guards rushed you first however Sigurd shot first on those three. The rooftop assailant was the only one to attack before the party.”

When the party said that we were rushed by the guards bearing weapons, what we meant was that first you described them as tailing us at about 40-50 feet away, and then when the map was laid down you said they had moved up to about 15-20 feet away. Thus, they had closed about a 30 foot gap, with weapons drawn. However, Raspin did fire at them before anyone we could see swung any weapons. Either way, it doesn’t really affect anything, just thought I’d comment for clarity.
Also, it’s Alistair Rhodes, not Roads. =p

Also also

Kennan and Badgerholt

Yup. Spider Faced Giants are a thing. Something to look forward to yes?

Kennan and Badgerholt
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