An Odd Sort of Town

Down with a Spotch of Flu

In which the party deals with an outbreak

After finding Gianpiero Sampson Struck with the same illness as Ingrid the party brought the ailing shopkeep to the river where Allan laboured furiously to bring him back from the brink. A theory was formed that the illness was spread by one of the trade goods that came on the last shipment and thus an inquiry began.

After pouring over the register and consulting Allan, Allistair noted two likely culprits, a load of specialty pork sausage and a number of live chickens. Erida and Sigurd went to investigate the two leads while Raspin made efforts to create a suitable temperary infirmary for the paitents. Finding the sausage had been sold to Griddlebit and ingested by Ingrid earlier the Sherriff ordered the sausage not to be used further and sent a sample to Allan who could not identify either way whether the meat had been contaminated. Meanwhile at the Caleigh residence where the chickens had been purchased sickness had hit the family hard. The chickens were rounded up by trundles and brought to Allan where he identified the livestock as showing signs of illness.

As Cog set about eliiminating the chickens the sherriff went to check in on Dorothy Keenan , who was a close associate of the youngest Calieghs. Finding her ill as well the party moved her to open sided canvas roofed infirmary that has sprung up through the efforts of the townsfolk on the riverbank. Nursing the ill slowly back to prime health is a painstaking task that Allan labours tirelessly at but marked improvment shows in all those stricken.


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