An Odd Sort of Town

An Issue Close to Home

In which Alistair attempts to correct Maldwyn's behavior

The past week has been a quiet one… figuratively. The Dolmetsch family has been hard at work on their new home, filling the small town with the sound of saw and hammer continuously at work. While still rough it now far exceeds the quality of the other structures in the town, a testament to Armenious’s skill. The council have largely been content to follow their own persuits. In an effort to give Edward Chandler some job that may not kill him outright the council convinced Allan to take him on as an assistant. Something he has much to learn about before he will become of much use.

Horatio’s weekly trip has at last yielded a pair of stoneworkers. A dwarven fixer mason by the name of Uther Renafr and a human Quarry(wo)man named Tansy Nells both of whom have arrived fresh from the Kennan Guildhall by request. Jordak Malurk wasted no time introducing them to their employer and after a quick survey of the proposed quarry site the pair agreed that the four labourers budgeted them should be distributed with three to the quarry and one to serve the fixer mason. Jordak sited that more workmen would be needed and volnteered to go and recruit from Kennan for the week.

A long awaited friend arrived as well aboard Horatio’s boat. Elven Paladin and Erida’s trusted friend Larien Arfenial arrived to start her tenure as deputy. The newcomer seems quite formal and stiff, perhaps with time she will relax.

During Erida’s nightly patrol she heard the sound of a domestic disturbance at the Keenan residence. Checking in on them she stopped by to make sure things were as they should be. Maldwyn, answering the door in a temper told her all was well and Erida, noting that no actual law forbidding such domestic abuse continued on with her patrol in a troubled state of mind.

Link, likewise out on patrol came to investigate the matter as well a short while later and by sneaking a peak through the window found that Maldwyn appeared to have thrown his wife into a shelf and broken her arm. Maldwyn, having barricaded her into the adjacent space with their daughter was calming himself by drowning the matter in more alchohol. Springing into action Alistair confronted Maldwyn at his home, first by trying to goad him back into fury by calling him a coward and kicking mud onto his floor. Maldwyn, telling Alistair to mind his own business, tried his best to ignore the taunts until Alistair strode across his shabby abode and cuffed his face with a sound blow. Swearing Maldwyn rose to repel Alistair from his house but as Alistair blocked him from shutting the door Maldwyn continued to swing at Alistair, his drunkeness not proventing him from landing some solid blows.

As the door slammed behind Maldwyn to reveal Cog, who began to herd Maldwyn into the dark forest Maldwyn, sensing he was outmatched by the iron beast and his own inebriated state,he attempted to flee back to his home only to be repelled and bitten by the knife-like teeth of the metal dog. Losing his courage entirely at the thought of some darker fate that might await him if he allowed himself to be lured into the forest he fled, stumbling and limping into the darkness. Alistair, heading inside applied a heal spell to safeguard Laura Keenan from infection until Allan could set the bone while Maldwyn went to the Gray family home to seek the Sherriff.

The Investigation begins and the matter of the future of the laws of Assault, domestic abuse and trespassing seem likely to change very soon…


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