An Odd Sort of Town

A Fresh Start

The party assembled at the Baron’s house in Springbrooke and received a briefing on the current state of Badgerholt and were introduced to their fellow council members. After gathering their supplies they departed on a hired river boat called the “Osprey” en route to the Duchy of Kennan where they will need to arrange transport further upriver.

On the way Raspin Disncore and Sigurd Lothbrook met fellow passengers Devon and May Haywood, a young couple about to inherit an unknown sum from their recently deceased father with which they wanted to purchase land and start a farm. Sigurd convinced the pair that the danger of the Oddwood was past and the pair promised to write once they knew more about their finances. The pair of council members also spoke with a gnomish butcher who was doing well in her current business but promised to mention the oppertunity to her cousin. Dinscore convinced a shady old human who turned out to be a semi-retired glassmaker to mention to his apprentices that there might be a business prospect for them in Badgerholt.

Allan Oldwick diagnosed the Captain’s first Mate with early signs of consumption and co-ordinated with Alistair Roads to create and cast a cure disease scroll. The Captain promised to repay the favor possibly with a long term shipping deal however he mentioned his vessel is too deep on the draft to make the trip past Riversedge.


The Captain of the Osprey is a half-elf named “Francis”, the first mate is a human named “Jerome”.

A Fresh Start
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